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Jupiter in here says help is available for you in all kinds of ways.

You simply need to ask. The karmic books have to balance now. Tying up those karmic loose ends, paying it forward or being paid in turn, stepping free of a cycle that you have been carrying with you once and for all, is what the South Node in here offers. Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node in your 12 th on the 3 rd and 8 th points to a change within that brings a change without.

Perhaps between you and someone else or perhaps just between yourself and the universe. Radical solutions could appear as Jupiter makes a surprising angle to Chiron in your 3 rd.

This could be news that alerts you to the fact you are now on the right path. Far from it. The Sun remains in your 11 th up until the 22 nd. You also have Mercury, bringer of invitations zooming into your 11 th of all things Aquarian from the. The secrets you unpack now are sent to help you break free. Inner wisdom or treasure can never be taken from you and transcends lifetimes. As well as a time of soul freedom, this is also the time of secrets. Your 12 th rules the secrets you keep or which are kept from you.

These will have a tendency to come to light now. This especially applies to family secrets but also covers anything clandestine or confidential. If you wish to confide in someone in turn, ensure that they are equally trustworthy. If you have doubts, confide in a professional instead — anyone from your doctor, priest, lawyer or a psychic.

I cannot emphasise this enough. If you are hiding something or involved in anything clandestine, understand it will come out now despite any efforts to suppress it. Either due to your higher self wanting to come clean or simply due to events beyond your control. If you feel someone is keeping something from you, probe deeper. But again, the truth will emerge anyway. Expect massive revelations to come to light this month and on into This could be anything from a secret love to the secret to your success as Venus moves to conjunct Saturn in your 12 th on the 11 th and Pluto on the 13 th.

Hidden dynamics within relationships will also be laid bare. You have a full Moon in your 5 th on the 12 th. This is your house of romance, children and creativity. If you have recently met someone new, take your time getting to know them. Venus arrives in your 1 st on the 20 th dusting you with the attraction factor. Good karma could come spinning out of the stars for you as you radiate effortlessly.

You want to express yourself and show the love in any way you can now. The Sun enters your 12 th on the 22 nd plus the 26 th brings us a new Moon in here. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. This is due to the Moon being further away from the Earth than during a total eclipse so it does not completely cover the Sun.

Monthly horoscope june

As you know, eclipses conceal. The eclipse falls within one degree of Jupiter in here. In fact, the Sun and Jupiter meet the very next day. So, you have a flash of insight into what this secret is. Just not the whole picture yet.

If your job involves any kind of research, detection or surveillance — know you are on the right track. Mercury arrives in here from the 29 th.

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Remember — Saturn is your ancient ruler and the old rulerships always apply. Saturn rules your karma, time plus acts as your Guardian Angel. Just take it that if you need to know something now, ask your angels. The truth will come to light in surprising ways especially at the end of the month when the Sun meets the South Node on the same day that Mercury trines your modern-day ruler Uranus in your 4 th. What you intuit or learn now enlightens, awakens and ultimately frees you. The year ahead promises the most exciting journey of all.

A trip to the heart of who you really are. Explore your inner space now. The potential is limitless. In a nutshell: Begin a journey into the biggest mystery of all, Aquarius. Who you really are. The truth is about to set you free.

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope 12222

And release you into limitless possibilities. Defining your place in your inner and outer worlds, and connecting to a real sense of belonging, is going to form a big part of — and beyond. You already know that the 11th house in your chart rules all things Aquarian. Jupiter planet of learning, freedom, expansion and a big dash of good luck, gives you a much needed boost in all Aquarian-ruled areas for If you were 18 or over 12 year ago, think back to that time and especially to opportunities or benefits that came to you via the people you are connected with.

These can be personal and professional ones. Particularly look at what goals you attained back then as of course, you are the sign which rules goals, wishes and dreams. Who helped you reach or at the very least take a step towards a goal? What friendships or associations were formed back then and how have these affected you over the long term? Expect these themes to feature again as could a major goal coming within reach this year.

Libra Next Week Love Horoscope

One piece of advice I always give to anyone having a Jupiter in the 11th transit is to make a wish. In fact, because Jupiter expands — make three. And expect at least one of them to come true during the time Jupiter takes to move through here. So, travel, learning, the outdoors, sports, animals, exploration, the mass media and anything connected to the law or philosophies and beliefs. Of course, this does not mean if your wish does not fall into one of these categories, that it will not come true. Jupiter always delivers benefits and opportunities. These can arrive via Jupiter manifesting in your life as a person.

An important new friend or contact who is most likely well-travelled, worldly, confident, successful and somewhat larger-than-life. Right now, I don't want you to be grounded.