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  1. What's Taurus – Stoner Astrological Horoscope about?
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That mysteriousness may hide a more dangerous side, which may be attractive to you. The skeptic in you should be on high alert early in the month, as some shady ideas might be coming your way.

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  • Taurus – Stoner Astrological Horoscope.
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Start by learning to be a skeptic in your social media -- that Tommy Chong is dead story is floating around Facebook again -- practice your Snopes skills and be sure to not share it when you see it. August is a great month for love, whether that means finding someone new or strengthening your current relationship. One way of strengthening your bond might be to try a new after-sex strain that will help bring you even closer together. Unfortunately, you may find yourself needing to tighten your belt a bit during August, but this is just temporary.

What's Taurus – Stoner Astrological Horoscope about?

As the month passes, any financial issues should rectify themselves. This is a good time for you to pull out your calendar and start making some appointments that you may have been putting off.

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  4. Call your doctor, make an appointment with your dentist , or maybe even just plan an overdue brunch with mom. Get back to your roots this weekend by spending time working in the garden, churning your compost, and just plain getting dirty in nature. It may be boiling hot outside, but a little sweat and dirt may be just the catharsis that you need to get through whatever may be causing you stress right now.

    This is a good week for you to spend some time experimenting with new things. Feeling a little snacky lately, Pisces? Spending time in your beloved bodies of water as the summer comes to a close will do that to you. Their contest to populate the Cheetos Museum ends soon, and your excuse to overindulge in orangey, dusty goodness does, too. Please log-in or register to post a comment.

    Your Kolas Winter Stoner Horoscope for 12222

    You have a long wait, Leo. Meanwhile, avoid flammable garments, and tie your hair back.

    Baked Zodiac: Earth Signs to Awaken Nature's Stoner

    You: "An interesting little cannabis. Maybe this is healthy. Medically sound. Well, with some contra-indications.

    Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart

    Yet, nobody ever overdosed on cannabis. But it may be a gateway to trouble. Still, violent crime is never associated with marijuana.

    Nevertheless, it can impair driving and judgment. Bottom line: let's have some. The stars are saying: "Have seconds! Your heroic self-mastery allows you to postpone sexual gratification indefinitely - if you can only find some reason to do so. On second thought, why bother?

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    The stars say "Heady times await," with no further explanation. During this moon cycle, try to keep your vengeful side in check. It may prove counterproductive to bread your ex's frozen Fish Sticks with sativa crumbs. OK, so at first you don't inhale. Then you do. Then again.


    Taurus Stoner Horoscope May 12222

    And again. But still you feel edgy. Then panicky. Is that a squad car in your dining room? Are those DEA sniffer hounds scampering across the carpet? No, that is not a giant handcuff you see before you. It's your own roach clip. Use it joyfully.

    Taurus Stoner Horoscope July | Stoner Astrological Horoscope

    You know precisely which end of the doobie to point away from your face, and how to maintain the proper balance of product, papers and matches. Although, like your astronomical animal, you ingest a wide range of weed, be aware that those buds you just acquired are, in fact, broccoli. But right now Epsilon Eridani is in retrograde, so exhale before inhaling. And don't make too much of the fact that your sign is "ruled by Uranus. Money is coming your way, but your arms aren't quite long enough to reach it.

    That is why you buy low; stay high; keep under the SONAR; and know when to wiggle tantalyzingly away in an explosion of bubbles. You can be evasive and cautious.